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About Virginia Gun Trusts

Virginia Gun Trusts was created by Virginia attorney David Browne to serve NFA firearms owners and dealers in Virginia. An avid shooter with hundreds of hours of firearms training, David attended  William & Mary Law School on an academic scholarship and then served as a law clerk (legal researcher and adviser to judges) at the Supreme Court of Virginia prior to entering private practice. David has been helping Virginians ease the process of acquiring and owning NFA items since 2008.

In addition to helping new and existing NFA owners and dealers create specialized trusts for NFA firearms/devices, David also presents legal lectures at firearms courses throughout Virginia dealing with judicious use of deadly force, the National Firearms Act of 1934, and other related topics.

Virginia Gun Trusts operates exclusively in Virginia, is not part of a fee-sharing “referral network” of attorneys located in many states, and is accordingly able to charge reasonable fees for creating trusts and helping its clients. Virginia Gun Trust documents are tailored specifically to Virginia’s Uniform Trust Act, specific issues surrounding NFA firearms and devices, and Virginia’s common law governing trusts. The trust you receive is the result of years of research and refinement, and not a product of generic boilerplate software.

Virginia Gun Trusts takes great pride in providing individualized service, guidance, education and a wealth of information to each client – all for an affordable price.