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Virginia Gun Trusts provides the highest quality NFA firearms trust package exclusively for Virginia firearms owners, and at an affordable price. 

Virginia Gun Trusts doesn't simply sell you a form. We are not a “mill,” we do not use generic software packages, and when you e-mail us or talk to us on the phone – the person on the other end is a Virginia licensed attorney, not an assistant or referral service. We are not part of any national “network” of NFA trust lawyer affiliates who refer you from one place to another, with two or more attorneys taking their share of the fee you pay.

Our NFA trust package was developed from the ground up and refined by an attorney who was shooting “black rifles” competitively and attending high level firearms training before he even went to law school, and designed to be a perfect balance of detailed, flexible and user-friendly.

Every Virginia Gun Trusts package includes the following:

-Trust documents and user-editable schedules (in electronic form) that have been designed specifically for owning NFA items in Virginia

-Detailed and clear written instructions on how to use your trust to acquire or make NFA items and how to fill out the commonly used BATFE forms involved

-Ability to have adult family members or other trusted persons use, possess, and transport your NFA items

- Practical advice, tips and guidance on using and transporting NFA
items in compliance with federal law and Virginia law

-Clear definitions and guidance for others reading your trust after you die or become incapacitated

-Flexible beneficiaries/heirs that you can update or change yourself

-Ability to add or remove trustees and lifetime beneficiaries yourself, who may use and control your NFA items

-“Fail safe” provisions for all key aspects of the trust to ensure
that your NFA items are properly handled even if you and your
family are unable to do so directly

-Maximum protection and flexibility throughout

-In person consultation with Virginia Gun Trust’s attorney to
carefully review and notarize your trust and answer any questions
you might have. This can also be done by telephone if the client
is unable to come to our office in person.

Virginia Gun Trusts is also available to fix existing trusts created elsewhere, consult with purchasers and dealers regarding other transfer issues, and speak with the BATFE on their behalf, at reasonable rates.

– Though it has never happened with a Virginia Gun Trusts product, if the BATFE ever rejects a transfer to your trust because of a claimed defect or issue with the trust itself, Virginia Gun Trusts will address the issue and make it right for no charge.