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 *** NEW ATF RULE 41F EFFECTIVE July 13, 2016 ***

We are ready for Rule 41F and happy to discuss how to manage its impacts. In short, your existing NFA items and forms submitted prior to July 13, 2016 are "grandfathered" and unaffected. We are happy to discuss how to manage the new fingerprinting and photographing requirements for both existing and new clients.

Virginia Gun Trusts is the source for the highest quality NFA gun trust at an affordable price. Owned and operated by an attorney with over a decade of experience (and nearly two decades as a shooter), the trust documents and advice you receive from Virginia Gun Trusts are a product of years of research, refinement and careful study of federal and state firearms laws, Virginia’s uniform trust code, and Virginia's common law.

We welcome your inquiries, and please read more about our services and background at the “Gun Trust Services” and “About Us” links to learn more about why we are different than other "gun trust" lawyers.

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